Well Hey There!

Welcome, welcome! I see you’re looking for a little more information about little old me, so let me fill you in!

My name is Nisha Sule, I’m a thirty-something year old with a myriad of passions and interests, and have experienced plenty in my life thus far! Right now I am very focused on home deco and my children (Nitya and Pravin), and I always seem to have my hands full. That hasn’t stopped me from wanting to launch a blog, though!

Why Now?

For those of you reading after 2020, you may know what kind of year that was for everyone. As I’m typing this out, that year is slowly drawing to a close. It has changed the world incredibly, and whilst my experience is but one it is one worth discussing, I feel.

I think it is important for people to get to share their interests and thoughts online. A blog is a perfect space for that, too! Sure, it can be tricky coming up with a name and the details, and writing blogs takes me all over the place, but that’s part of the fun.

What’s With The Name?

It is a little odd, isn’t it? But there’s sense to the strangeness. Anyone who knows me knows I’m an absolute fiend for candy and sweets. I’ve also loved traveling in the past, and would end up in Paris or around France many a time, so I figured “Bonbon” would be a good inclusion.

As for “Shalal”, that’s Arabic for “Waterfall”. I am naturally drawn to water. It’s a relaxing thing for me, whether I soak in a hot bath, swim in the sea, or marvel at nature’s spectacle with waterfalls. But it’s a twofold meaning – I want to make a waterfall of content to share online!

Thinking about it, maybe the chocolate waterfall from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory could have been in the back of my mind too. I didn’t want to be too on the nose, though.

So What Will You Post?

Short answer? All sorts. Like the British Sweets. Get it?

I don’t have a set theme per se in mind. My plan is to write and see what comes up, and then share it with you all. I’m all over the place (in a good way!) so I hope it can be interesting to see what comes up next.

I think that’s about it for now. Hope you have a great day! And remember – there’s always room for something sweet.