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3 Things You Might Do If Someone Annoyed You Enough

We should not call it revenge, because our reaction can be more subtle than that, but there are things we can do to others that are not harmful but have us feel satisfied we have taught them a lesson. This can be even if we never reveal that we are their prankster. There will be occasions when others make us feel bad for something that was not our fault or because they are being deliberately unkind.

Have you ever considered making a poop delivery to a disrespectful friend or unkind family member? It seems extreme but there is now a service that will arrange this for you. Anonymity is the power that you now hold and the choice of whether or not to reveal that you are the sender is up to you. The friend or relative does not need to know who was responsible unless you want them to know.

Let us then think about the above a little more and other ways that we might react when annoyed. There could be several people who have wronged us recently that we only want to teach a lesson. It should only ever be in a harmless way, though. A small shock is momentary, and they will get over it sooner than perhaps you did. 

Maybe we just like to prank people anyway out of satisfaction.

An Unexpected Delivery

The idea of the poop delivery will be to catch the unsuspecting person by surprise. They will wonder who hates them so much until it dawns on them just why they might have deserved such a present. It is a subtle way of teaching another a lesson. Rather than Scrooge learning about what a bad person he is from his ghostly visits, your delivery could make someone else think about their actions and how they made you feel. There is nothing like an action to describe a feeling of emotion. It could suggest many words.

Funny pranks are not all out of devilment. Some can be in return for the annoyance caused by another.

Email The Person in Capital Letters

It is thought that if you are shouting at someone by email then you use capital letters. This was before the invention of emoticons on social media platforms.

With reactive emails, it is always best to delay sending them until you have had a chance to calm down. Not only can you word them better, because you are thinking more clearly, but you can also make sure that there is nothing you are saying in them that you later regret. Anything in writing is easier to use against you later as there is evidence.

Use words but not with anger, then they will have more meaning for the person you are trying to educate about just how much they have annoyed you. It will then be you that is the one that looks professional, depending on the type of situation you are wishing to point out to someone as unacceptable.

Become Vengeful

It is never good to develop a revengeful streak beyond just a prank. There is such a thing as anger management that those suffering from can go on courses for.

The heat of the moment is something that can be difficult to control but control it we must. This is why assaults and murders occur. Many are born from arguments that have ended up getting out of hand. If you are feeling angry the way to go is to think of revenge more subtly. This is where “an unexpected delivery” can help, or the email that has been thought about more so that it has a greater impact and includes all the points of complaint.

Different people will, of course, react to situations of upset in diverse ways. A remark that upsets one person will not necessarily upset another. The person represented in the latter can be termed as being thick-skinned. In other words, that person can take criticism, whether just or not, without allowing it to affect them too much.

If you feel like you are getting annoyed, think about the above and see how you could react instead of getting physical about it and harming another. If you make the wrong decision, then it might affect your future choices in life.

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