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Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Fitting Air Conditioning

We all love a comfortable environment, and air conditioning has a way of creating such a space. This can be both in the home and in commercial spaces too. Air Conditioning can be an important factor in both, but finding the right HVAC specialist to fit our systems can be tricky. We can find Total System Services for commercial AC in Boise for example, but also in our local area as well. There are plenty of excellent contractors around for residential and commercial fittings. The only problem is that fitting an air conditioning system may not be as smooth as we think, even for some specialists, so when we are looking for a HVAC company, we should make sure they are the right one for us. Here are some of the mistakes that can easily occur.

1. Choosing the wrong place for a thermostat

Most of us do not think a lot about where to place an HVAC system. While it can look like the system will function well from any corner of the room, where we choose to install our thermostats does affect its functionality significantly.

Placing an HVAC system near an open-air seems like the fastest way to get our rooms to pick up a conducive temperature, yet this can only be further from the truth. Such placements only lead to overworked air conditioning systems. The best place would be at a more enclosed corner so that the HVAC can work efficiently. Else, I end up with huge utility bills and overworked systems.

2. Not considering the HVAC’s size

Air Conditioners (ACs) come in different sizes for a reason. They work in cycles that ensure the productivity of these systems. When we fail to consider an air conditioner’s size during purchase, we risk having either too big or too small a system for the space available.

A small AC in a large space will demand that it works almost twice as much to get to the desired temperature. On the flipside, a duct that is too small will have inadequate cycles. While this might sound like a good thing, it still causes significant wear and tear, as in the first case. This is why my AC’s size should be just right. If you’re not sure which size to get, contact an AC Company and get their opinion on the matter. Trust the professionals!

3. Poor quality drainage system

Although this is one of the most serious factors to consider when installing air conditioning, we don’t pay as much attention as we ought to. Thus, houses end up with deteriorating drywalls, musty smells, molding, and clogged pipes. This happens because retained moisture eventually destroys everything in its proximity,

Air conditioning systems need a proper drainage system to get rid of condensed moisture. This helps me avoid water damage in my home. If one is not sure how to properly install one, I’d recommend looking for a professional HVAC installer to come and do an excellent job.

4. Not placing the vents Correctly

Vents help to keep airflow balanced. Unfortunately, most of us have no clue that this affects the proper working of an air conditioning system. If vents are wrongly placed, I will end up with rooms that have insufficient airflow, which interrupts the air conditioner’s functionality.

To make a space conducive, vents should be spaced out evenly across a room. This helps with the proper distribution of the air coming in and out of the ducts and the air that runs through an AC.

5. Finding a wrong place for the condenser

Since you do not want to overwork our ACs, you need to pay closer attention to where you put the condenser. Placing a condenser in direct contact with the sun makes it work harder than it should. Therefore, you need to look for a corner where the sun barely hits the AC system if it must.

You should also keep up with maintenance as this will also contribute to the condenser’s proper functioning and help in energy conservation.

6. Insufficient or improper sealing of the ductwork

Ductwork is another area that you can easily get wrong if you are not keen. Two of the most common mistakes with ductwork is not correctly sealing it, and even if you do, you might do it poorly. These two mistakes reduce the AC’s efficiency significantly.

You shouldn’t leave out any gaps when sealing the ductwork. Temporary seals are unreliable, so it is better to go for a permanent sealer instead.

It is okay to install an air conditioning system by yourself, but you should also ensure that you have the right skills and tools to do so. Else, you will subject yourself and your home to more significant losses in the future (when you make mistakes like the ones listed above). However, if you wish to avoid any errors, you could contact a professional handyman from HVAC companies like Air Care Heating and Cooling (https://aircarecharlotte.com/service-areas/monroe/) who could help with the installation.

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