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Home Improvement Tips

To make my home more comfortable, and to add significant value should I opt to sell it, I have decided to give it a face-lift. After a review of expert commentaries, I have identified the following tips to help me remodel my home.

Changing To Energy-Efficient Appliances

Taking steps towards having a net zero home is becoming more and more common. When it comes to the smaller options to make a big difference, and especially if you want to keep your current appliances for your next home, changing the ones you leave behind to something more energy efficient makes sense. If this seems a bit much, however, you can get an expert like those at DCC London to take a look at what’s in place and see if they need repairing to help get them back up to standard.

Energy-Efficient Insulation

Home inspectors will likely include a lack of basic and old doors that are permeable to hot and cold air in their reports which might put off potential buyers. This is because a home that hasn’t been remodeled with energy efficiency in consideration is likely to be expensive to live in and maintain. This will thus be a priority when making improvements to my home.

Quick market analysis shows that updating my home to save energy won’t cost me a fortune but still make it appealing to target clients. Basic changes such as adding extra insulation to the attic cost about $200, and can, in the long run, save me approximately $2,500.

Another way that I use to save more energy expenses on energy costs is sealing cracks around the house. Leaks are easily detectable during winter through drafts or cold spots that leak in the air. With handheld devices such as a thermal leak detector, I can easily note temperature differences around my home. It thus makes it easier whether to add insulation or caulk.

Some areas of the house are more susceptible to weather conditions and may form leaks or be prone to damage that can reduce the value of the house. One such area would be the roof, which is always exposed to the elements and may need to be repaired or replaced altogether when considering a home improvement project. Even though it may be economical to try and take care of everything without any help, some people might prefer to look for a provider of roof repair in Toccoa or wherever they live. I think it might not be a bad idea to consider professional help when necessary.

The following are the areas that are prone to leaks, and therefore require more insulation:

  • In the basement
  • Around the attic hatch
  • In recessed lighting
  • Around electrical sockets and light switches
  • Around doors and windows
  • Ducts and wires leading to the outside

Deck Addition

There’s an increased desire by most people for outdoor living spaces during vacation. Therefore, I’m certain that if I add a deck to my house, then the value will shoot up. An appealing deck and backyard make a home more attractive to potential buyers when I decide to float it on the market. Real estate valuers project that by adding a deck, I’m likely to recoup 65%-90% of my investment.

The cost of adding a deck varies depending on a wide range of factors most of them related to size. They include the number of bells and whistles that I want to be included, built-in flower pots, multiple stairs, and built-in sitting. Others are the materials used and the design.

Although I do the work myself and save a huge chunk of the cost, I know the construction work is heavy and laborious. The work requires specific tools like a bandsaw which are expensive particularly if I don’t plan to use them again.

Reinventing a Room

Although adding more square footage to my home could turn out to be an expensive idea, utilizing that existing space could save me money in the long run. With the help of a few professionals, like an electrician (and I know I could visit web site of a local company to see what sort of things they could help with), I can convert an attic to a bedroom, or finish an incomplete basement. Some of the possible uses of the reinvented space may include:

  • I can convert attic spaces into game rooms or craft rooms. Still, I can swings to the rafters for the kids to have a cool playroom
  • I can use the basement as a second living room, a space of an aging relative, or rent it out.
  • versatile rooms will generally attract potential clients.

Adding a Bathroom

Looking around my house, I have seen extra space that I can construct an extra bathroom. These spaces include under the stairs and closets. From a full bath to a half bath and stand-up shower, the type will depend on the size of the free space available.

The cost of a bathroom is influenced by the accessories and additions that I will use, as well as the cost of each item. An extra bathroom will certainly increase the value of my home, and I’m likely to recoup about 80%-130% on my investment if I decide to sell it. Therefore, if I use things like home depot coupons to buy new faucets and other bathroom equipment from The Home Depot, then I would be able to save money on the big installations and have more money left over for other design features.

Energy-Efficient Windows

When I was scouting for a home to buy, nothing turned me off like old, drafty single-pane windows. I got home installed with Energy Star-rated windows and I have been saving about $500 annually in heating and cooling expenses.

Besides recouping 60%-90% of my investments through the installation of energy-saving windows, I also stand a chance of getting a green energy tax credit and receive additional credits from my state.

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