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Tips on Oral Health

We all admire the flashy white teeth we see on models in ads, but many are unwilling to put in the work to have healthy and strong teeth. Even so, oral health goes beyond looking for ways to make my teeth white as snow. I could have well-aligned teeth, yet people can’t stand to be around me because of bad breath. Getting these things checked out by a dentist, like those at Pakenham Dental Surgery to name one example, is very important, but so is daily maintenance and care. It’s about striking a careful balance in the end, as being mindful of my daily oral hygiene habits will go a long way.

Always Brush Before Bed

This means I have to discipline myself and ensure that I should never go to bed with dirty teeth as long as it is within my power. Mouth bacteria are more active in the night when we are asleep, causing much damage. Brushing at night ensures I get rid of all plaque I accumulated in the day.

Mind How We Brush

How I brush my teeth is crucial and doing it wrong is as useless as not brushing at all. The best brushing technique is moving my brush in circular motions, ensuring I reach as far as my brush can go. This movement ensures no food particles remain in between teeth spaces.

I shouldn’t forget my tongue as plaque on it can lead to oral odor, among other problems. I, however, should be gentle since I do not want to injure it in the process.

Pay Attention to Teeth Products

Before I got intentional about my oral health, my main focus on toothpaste was its taste and whitening power. Many people only look for these two. Although whitening power is a viable factor, I should always ensure the product I use has fluoride.

Fluoride may have its scrutiny, but it remains an ideal substance for oral health. It provides reliable defense against decay by fighting germs that cause teeth damage.

Consider Flossing Just as Important

I brush twice a day; do I need to floss too? Yes, you do. When I’m brushing my teeth, I’m not always ensuring I reach all spaces in between. Some toothbrush ads talk about new technology brushes that can go further than traditional toothbrushes, but it is still important to cover all our tracks.

Kids, arthritis patients, and the elderly may not always be in a position to floss using certain flossing tools thoroughly. However, we can find easy-to-use options in chemists or ask the dentist for some recommendations.

What About Mouthwash?

Another oral hygiene product we shouldn’t give up on is mouthwash. Using mouthwash helps regulate acid levels in our mouths, re-mineralize the teeth, and reach areas that are hard to reach via a toothbrush or floss. It is a perfect adjunct tool to balance back our oral space. I can get special mouthwash for kids and sensitive teeth in stores today. However, mouthwash should not replace brushing and flossing our teeth.

Minding What We Eat

Diet is an important factor that ensures we have proper oral health. Most junk foods contain ingredients harmful to our teeth, while those with too much sugar increases breaking and decaying risks. Going for healthy vegetables and fruits will save me greatly since carrots are also ideal for exercising the teeth. If you cannot entirely do away with over acidic foods and those with too much sugar, at least consider being mindful and ensure you brush your teeth regularly.

Visit the Dentist Twice Annually

Finally, we all need a professional oral inspection every once in a while. Other than that, we may need to look for the services of a Cosmetic Dentist, if the need arises for teeth alignment, implants, or anything that can help improve our teeth overall. Our daily practices count for almost 85% of what we can do to keep up with oral health, but dentists also have a significant role. They could help remove calculus, check for cavities, and examine our mouths to ensure we have no other threatening issues. Dentists are also the best when it comes to professional oral health suggestions. Most healthcare coverages (like IEHP) include diagnostic and preventive dental care, and you can make sure that you get the right treatment, even if they are a bit costly.

If you implement the above tips then I am sure you will have healthy teeth and reduce the odds of having to get new teeth replacements.

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