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5 Ways to Keep Fit at Home

It is possible to keep fit at home without even leaving the house. This avoids the need for a costly gym membership. You just need a spare room, or part of a room, and then once the gym equipment is bought it will last for years and be enjoyed by the whole family, then you will have your very own home gym. So, let us explore the kinds of equipment that will help to keep us fitter than just climbing the stairs a few times a day, although that is also thought to be a very good exercise.


Exercise Bikes

Using an exercise bike is considered an excellent way to lose weight because as you pedal you are moving and therefore burning off calories. For what exercise bikes can achieve, the machine takes up little space

inside a home. It can save time in being readily accessible to you, rather than being something that you need to travel to. So, do not hide it away in the garage, have it in a bedroom or living room. Why not read a book or watch television as you are using it to save time by carrying out two activities at once? It beats lying on the sofa and not getting any exercise done at all.



A treadmill, or running

machine, is good for maintaining a healthy heart because it provides a wonderful cardiovascular workout. Each step you take will be strengthening your heart. It has also been demonstrated that aerobic exercise reduces cholesterol. The basic treadmill settings are 2 to 4 mph for walking speed, 4 to 5 mph for a light jog or fast walk, and over 5 mph for a jogging or running speed. So, plenty of flexibility in how fast you can go. This provides you with the same amount of control that you might have when running on the wettest day, except that you can remain dry inside.


Rowing Machine

Apart from allowing you to pretend that you are an accomplished Olympic rower, a rowing machine, ergometer, or erg, will allow you to use an incredible 86 per cent of your muscles. This then not only strengthens and tones a variety of muscles but helps with endurance, too. This will be why all the professional athletes use them, no matter what sport they are into. Benefits can also be achieved in relation to your heart and lungs.


Chest or Leg Press Machines

The chest press builds upper body strength by targeting pectoral muscles, triceps, and deltoids. It helps build muscle tissue and strength. The machine will also work biceps and the serratus anterior.

A leg press machine will develop quadriceps by having you perform a barbell squat. It also develops calves, hamstrings, and the gluteus maximus. Different muscles can be emphasised by varying foot positions.



These pieces of equipment are not as dumb as they sound, they help with strength training. They do this by loading the skeletal system in specific areas and so improving bone density. In providing loads that are can be equal to both sides of the body, a balance of strength can be achieved and maintained. The types of exercises that can be done include shoulder raises, bicep curls, and chest flies. A fly or flye is a movement in strength training where the hand and arm move through arcs while the elbows maintain an angle that is constant. Dumbbells are beneficial, too, in terms of flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness.


So, the argument for a rowing machine, or any of the other equipment that can make up a home gym, would seem to be proven. You can bring your fitness home and not have to run outdoors when it is wet or visit a gym when that continues to cost money, but instead, use the money saved in the long term to spoil your loved ones. That is, if they are not already being spoiled by having use of your gym equipment. Pounding the pavements might be good for fitness but bad for joints. Indoors, everything is much softer, with or without a gym mat.

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