Dresses That Have Been Contoured to Impress

When it comes down to making a style statement, there is nothing quite like a figure-hugging dress. Whether you are slim or curvy, slipping on a dress that fits your body perfectly boosts your confidence and ensures that all eyes are on you for all the right reasons. Everyone has areas of their body that they like and dislike, but body shaping fabrics can highlight the best bits while distracting from your insecurities. However, nowadays there are so many different types of fitted dresses to choose from that finding the right one for you can be tricky. So, let us compare 3 of the most common types of contoured dresses to make your decision that little bit easier.


Bodycon dresses are tight and body-hugging garments that are constructed from heavy materials that can pull in and smooth out any unsightly bumps, creases, or lumps in your figure. A bodycon dress is designed to flatter bodies of all shapes and sizes and therefore they can be purchased in a huge variety of designs. Lace, cut-out panels, plunging necklines, and backless designs are among some of the most popular bodycon styles. A dramatic silk bodycon dress would also be a fantastic choice for a special occasion or event.


Although bandage dresses have been a style staple since the late 80s, they made a resurgence in the 2000s thanks to reality stars such as Kim Kardashian. Bandage dresses come in several unique colors and textures, but they are almost always constructed from thick and stretchy pieces of material that work to pull your body in tight. Although slipping into a bandage dress is a fantastic way to draw attention to a slim waist, curvier body types can also get a confidence boost from the way this style of dress provides unrivaled hold. Fit is crucial where bandage dresses are concerned so choose heavy materials and dresses that contain plenty of body contouring panels. Any flimsy or loose materials will ruin the illusion but at the same time, a dress that is too tight will knock your confidence so be sure to opt for something well-fitting.

Body Contouring

A body-contouring dress is designed to create the illusion that you look slimmer than you are. These dresses typically feature bold colors at the front that are complemented by two darker panels on either side. The contrasting darker fabric essentially helps to slim down your silhouette. Body contouring dresses are available in several different styles depending on which assets you want to highlight. For instance, an hourglass-shaped dress with a band under the bust can cast a shadow to create the illusion of a fuller chest.
Additionally, triangular panels can pull in your waist.

Bonus Tip:

Found the contoured dress of your dreams, but worried that it is the wrong size?
Never fear, most tailors and dressmakers will be able to adjust your dress to ensure that it fits your body beautifully.
Thrift stores, eBay, and charity shops all offer contoured dresses at amazing prices so do not let the price tag of a designer dress hold you back from living your best life in a figure-hugging design.
Say Yes to the (Contoured) Dress

Ultimately although bodycon, bandage, and body contouring dresses all help the wearer to achieve a slimmer, more polished frame, these dresses do so in slightly different ways. Do not be afraid to browse in the high street and high-end fashion retailers to pick out the dress of your dreams. Social media platforms like Instagram and video sharing websites like YouTube are also fantastic sources of fashion inspiration. Above all, by shopping around and trying on all 3 types for size, you can find the best dress for your body type. Which types of body contouring dresses are your favorite? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

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