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Is There More to Fitness Than Just Dumbbells?

Lifting weights such as dumbbells help with fitness because they burn off calories and increase lean body mass. There is still cardiovascular fitness to consider, though. That is, activities that strengthen the heart and lungs. This article will explore the kinds of fitness activities that help to achieve this.



Running can include brisk walking and jogging or running at speed. Either way, the physical exertion of it is a good workout for the lungs and has the heart pumping blood around the body. A workout that mirrors running can be achieved indoors on a running machine or treadmill. It avoids having to brave all weather condition to carry out or continue an exercise regime. Treadmills are becoming increasingly popular for cardiovascular workouts inside homes as well as gyms.



Cycling has become a popular pastime as much as it has become a cardiovascular activity. From a fitness point of view, it is not always convenient to go on a long bike ride, so investing in an exercise cycle for the home can be invaluable. Then, you can exercise while still watching over children or while watching a favorite television program, that might otherwise have taken another chunk of time. To provide encouragement, it is now possible through online interactivity to compete against others as you cycle, when previously all you could do was to measure yourself against your previous personal best. It is rather like being part of a slimming club in that respect. All exercise bikes come with different tension settings so that you can pedal harder or at faster speeds. An exercise bike is something that the whole family will want to share.


Maintaining a healthy diet is about avoiding foods that are unhealthy because they increase cholesterol levels. In addition, there are non-prescription supplements like those from Steel Supplements (Refer to This Site) for optimal energy. Having a balanced diet can ensure that you have a healthy heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Foods to avoid for a healthy heart

include full-fat dairy products, fatty cuts of meat, and deep-fried foods. This primarily means avoiding foods high in fat, or at least eating them in moderation, and not eating fast foods on too regular a basis. Processed foods are less healthy than natural foods, too. By full dairy products, we mean milk that still has its full cream on top as opposed to semi-skimmed or skimmed milk that is also available from supermarkets and home deliverers. Also, cheese appears on the top of every pizza, whether a cheese and tomato pizza or the pepperoni alternative. Hamburgers are nice but should not, for instance, be your lunch every single day. Particularly, the cheeseburger. Perhaps just as a Friday treat. Although, you can make any day of the week your treat day, as Fridays only may cause the fast food chains a supply problem. Then, rather than eat butter, many people will opt for margarine as a healthier alternative. Also, consider spreading it a little more thinly on bread, just enough to take the dryness away. Also, is it really needed when a succulent filling is also added?

Healthy foods to eat because they lower blood pressure include those containing Omega-3 fatty acids. This can be found in certain types of fish, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, and herring. Also, in seeds and nuts such as walnuts. You can also buy cod liver oil supplements to achieve the same result, leading us onto medication.

The best over-the-counter mineral supplements to tackle high bloods pressure are calcium, magnesium, potassium, and folic acid. Anything that is not being absorbed into the body through food can be supplemented by additional minerals and vitamins being taken. This may be an option where the kinds of foods that are healthy are ones that do not suit someone either because of taste or eating disorders.


To conclude, dumbbells might burn off calories and keep us lean, but your body should also be receiving a cardiovascular workout if you are claiming that you are really keeping yourself fit.

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