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Is Online the Best Place for Desperately Seeking Susan to Find Her Middle-Aged Malcolm?

Online has become the place to begin dates, through online dating websites and through social media. To make potentially romantic contacts with complete strangers, however, is more effectively controlled through a dating website, such as sugar daddy, who specialize in dating different generations. This article with explore the alternatives that will help young Susan meet her Middle-Aged Malcom, the man she so, in theory, desires.


Online Dating Sites

Dating online is made easier by websites which control to an extent what types of people meet each other. Profiles are the answer to going on too many dates where there was never going to be any chance of compatibility. To narrow down our chance, members or users can look at profiles to see just what interests and ambitions interest them about another. This is coupled with looking at the profile picture, with the philosophy presumably still applying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In its original form, coined by Henrik Ibsen as: “A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed.” Not to digress too far, it is good to be able to know visually who we are meeting as it prepares us in our mind as to how things might turn out. Whereas a blind date that just relies on what someone is wearing for identification, can put us on edge. We perhaps should not place so much importance on outward appearance, but human nature ensures that we continue the habit.

In terms of age, many people will look younger than their actual age, which is useful if you want a mature man but not want everybody to think that they might, instead, be your father. This could prove embarrassing in certain circles. Conversely, there will be others who revel in it and have no problem with boasting that their first choice would be an older man, or the other way round, a younger woman.


Specifically, Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

To wholly satisfy someone like Susan, who is looking for a middle-aged man to satisfy her needs, although he does not have to be called Malcom, there are dating sites that are designed specifically to match up sugar daddies with younger women. This will save Susan having to trawl all the general dating websites that offer everything, when all she wants is a mature man to date. She can then focus on other attributes that her Malcom might have to offer her. That is, a stable income, and a desire for someone younger, just as she has a desire for someone older. Her father was a reliable man, and she wants someone that can live up to him. Not that anyone can really fill that role, but she can try. In addition, she is not averse to some romance taking place if it is appropriate. Of course, if it so happens that both of them are into the idea of exploring each other sexually as well, then it might be best for her to have a talk with her sugar daddy first, figure out where they’re going with this, set appropriate boundaries and everything beforehand, to avoid uncomfortable situations later on in their relationship. However, she finds the idea quite exciting, as it will be something that she has not yet tried with someone clearly from a different generation to her.


Social Media

Then, there is social media. Accounts are limited in terms of dating because they rely on friends sending requests and others accepting them. There are profiles to look at, but they can be quite sketchy, and some people will not even have a profile picture showing. So, a frustrated Susan has rather lost patience with them, turning to dating websites for help, and more specifically those that can offer her sugar daddies. Susan feels guilty that with a sugar daddy might come gifts and all the money she desires, but she just wants someone reliable. A man as honourable as her father once was to guide her through the perils of the rest of her life.


In conclusion, we are pleased to report that our Susan found her perfect date. A middle-aged man called, John, as it turned out. She remains with him. The other night when they went out, she was more worried about losing him than her shoes. At least she found John, who was able to put his large coat around her and take her home before too many snowflakes had fallen along her path. If it was possible for Cinderella to have lost both shoes, then Susan had managed it. With this happy ending, sugar daddy online dating websites can be recommended as a first step to a lifelong relationship, whether a friendship or romance.

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